For the fourth time, the Humanities Faculty took 45 students on a fantastic tour of the Bay of Naples, Italy to experience first-hand things that they had studied in class, or to enhance their cultural and historical awareness. Visits to Mount Vesuvius and Solfatara gave Geography students a rare glimpse into a volcano, along with the sights; very powerful smells (Sulphur) gave them a sensory overload. They had very enjoyable visits to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Capri which gave them insights to how the famous eruption of 79AD affected the Roman world.

A guide who accompanied the trip wrote to me stating  - “I wanted to send a quick email just to applaud their behaviour and attitude to their studies during the trip, they were a real credit to Marlwood School and to Mr Helliker and the staff team, you should feel really proud of them.”

Well done to staff and students – it sounds like you had an excellent learning experience!