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The Newsletter for Term 6 gives you an insight into activities which have taken place during the term and also lists future events for your information.

Year 7s celebrated the end of a terrific year for Accelerated Reader on Wednesday.  They have been working together to read as many words as they can, with each 5 million words earning them a class prize.  There has obviously been some extra effort towards the end of this school year as 7A were presented with their prize for reaching 10 million words and 7C received their prize (equalling the school record) for 20 million words read since September.

It was a pleasure to present Caleb Jefferis with a certificate marking his phenomenal achievement of reading 7,096,605 words since September (98 books) and therefore taking the title for another school record.  He was presented with a bronze Word Millionaire badge for this achievement.  Four new millionaires were presented with their badges, namely Jimi Bennett, Abigail Bridgewater, Maisie Harrison and Samuel Kitson.  Samuel received a bronze badge for becoming a Word Millionaire in two consecutive years.

Megan Handover, Jamie Reid and Samantha Drake each received certificates for making in excess of 3 years progress in their reading age over this school year. 
Samuel Kitson, Annabelle Leicester and Abigail Bridgewater (all 12 years old) each received certificates for attaining the highest reading age measured on the scheme, namely 16 years and 6 months.  This brings the total number of students in KS3 reading at 16 years and 6 months to 30 - another school record this year.

Throughout the school certificates were also handed out to students in years 8 and 9.  In all 25 students achieved Millionaire status this year, 12 of them coming from Year 7.  A staggering 3,826 books have been quizzed in school since September, amounting to 138,790,843 words!

House Championship Day

The yellow ribbons have been taken off the House Championship Cup today ready for new ribbons to be attached when the winning House has been announced.

Students gathered in the hall at lunchtime today to review the competitions which have taken place this year to find the winning House.  The atmosphere was electric and the noise of 500+ chanting students was deafening to say the least.

I was pleased to announce that Berkeley are the winning House for academic year 2015/2016 and all the members of Berkeley House are now enjoying the fun fair set up on the field as their reward.

Well done Berkeley


From September Aspens will be taking over the catering for the school.  This is an exciting new change and more information can be found through the link below: -

This year has been a very successful year for the Marlwood Radio Controlled Car Association.  It has been a very competitive year with some monumental accidents causing damage to the radio controlled cars, some might say adding to the fun!  Over 15 different events have taken place and the scores overall for the year are: -

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place


Congratulations to Hannah Mills from Year 10 for achieving GOLD at an international gymnastics competition in Italy last week.


Whilst our younger students were on Enrichment Days, our Year 10 students were gaining first-hand experience of the world of work and taking up placements within the wider community last week.  Many worked in areas to support their career choices further down the line, whilst others explored new skills and ideas which may help their subject choices later.  We are very grateful to business partners who invested their time and experience in our students. 

We have had positive feedback from business, of which some examples are:

“I am writing to let you know that Charlie was an absolute asset to your school! She was fantastic and fitted in to the team like a dream, it is very rare to find a 15 year old as switched on and willing to work as hard as she did. Although she was only with us for a short period of time she will be sorely missed and the only thing we regret is that she doesn’t live closer.

We hope Charlie all the best for the future and that if she ever needs a job we would happily take her on.”

“Megan was an absolute delight and a pleasure to work with.  She was so enthusiastic and loved working with the many artists - who gave her lots of tips.  She certainly grew in confidence as the week went on and came in for an extra day, on the Thursday, to work with our photographer.  She produced some great photos, which I have managed to email to her school account so that she can use them for a project at school. She is always welcome back and we hope to see her at our future Young@Art workshops.  We look forward to welcoming any of your students in the future and hope to hear from both the school and Megan soon.”

Well done to those involved and thank you to local businesses for your ongoing support.

Marlwood students have been helping younger students with their Art Week at Christ the King Primary School in Thornbury. 

Staff and students from Marlwood gave learners opportunities to write their own lyrics and dancing lessons.  Also some students worked with the Marlwood Samba Band, whilst others learnt about stage costumes and make-up.

Lots of fun and learning took place and both students and staff from Marlwood really enjoyed their time supporting the younger students at Christ the King.

Thank you for making Marlwood so welcome


The sun shone on Saturday, 2nd July as over 9,000 people flocked to Thornbury to watch the carnival procession and then enjoy time at the Munday Playing Fields.

Students and staff from the PEPA faculty wowed the crowd with music from the popular Samba Band.



Well done to those who took part!


Year 9 students visited the Skills show at UWE on Tuesday 5th July.   The students really enjoyed themselves with lots of interactive and hands on exhibitions and activities from a variety of employers and training institutions.   Feedback from students and staff was very positive that this was an excellent learning experience.

Last week Year 7 and Year 13 students, the youngest and oldest at Marlwood School travelled to St Mary’s Church to celebrate Founder’s Day.

The congregation were treated to readings from Samuel Kitson and Liberty Lessiter from Year 7 and also addressed by the School Captains Devini De Alwis, Thom Harris Lee, Ella Cottle and Dominic Webb.

We also had musical interludes from Liam Green and Emily Draper singing Any Dream will Do (Lloyd-Webber) and If You Wait (London Grammar)  was sung by Ella Cottle.  Also Emily Davies, Grace Down, Jenna Nunn, Larragh Nunn and Jessie Smale played Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas (Alan Schwartz) on their flutes accompanied by Mr Humphries.

Thank you for your contributions