Students at Marlwood School are celebrating the highest results in the school’s history.
We are delighted with the individual performance of a large number of our students. 

With the new grading systems in English and Maths it is difficult to make comparisons to previous years, however it is pleasing to see that 74% of the cohort have achieved a standard pass (grade 4+) in these two subjects.  We have also seen students achieving grade 9s which are the very highest level possible in these subjects.  This is the best set of data we have seen at the school and we are absolutely delighted both for the individual students and staff.  Outcomes for students are improving and we are confident that they will continue to do so because of the increasing focus staff and students have on high quality learning.  We look forward to seeing the continuing improvement in grades for further generations of students at Marlwood School.

These results are a reflection of the hard work the students have devoted to their study and the support and dedication of Marlwood School Staff.  We would like to extend our congratulations to them all and the families who have supported them.  

Well Done!

The students in the joint Sixth Form at Castle and Marlwood schools have enjoyed great success in their A-levels this summer. Almost 80% of the entries achieved at least a C grade, and over 30% of the entries obtained an A or A* grade.

In total, over 40 students obtained A grades in at least 2 of their 3 A-levels2 A grades.

Louise Davies, Head of the joint Sixth Form said: -

“We are delighted with these results and the fantastic achievements of all our students. It’s not just about those with the very highest grades – we’re equally delighted for all those who have worked so hard, and met their individual targets at all levels of ability. As a result of this work, there are over 130 young people from our joint Sixth Form now preparing to head off to universities across the UK, and others heading into exciting apprenticeship and training opportunities.

This was the first year of revised national A-levels in some subjects, which were undoubtedly harder and which caused much uncertainty for teachers and students when we didn’t know what the new exams and standards would look like. It’s a testimony to the hard work put in by everyone at Castle and Marlwood that the results have been maintained at their consistently high levels even with these changes.”

We would like to thank all the teachers and parents for their support of these students. We have all enjoyed working with them, and wish them well as they move on to their exciting futures.

Well done

Peru 2017

Final blog ………… just on the coach to return to Marlwood. Flight went really smoothly. All still in good spirits after one of the experiences of our lives. Had lots of ups, a few downs and many a funny story to tell.

Mr Richards signing out

We are now enjoying our last few days in Peru. We went sand boarding and dune buggying last night in an oasis which was awesome. Travel to Lima today before we start to head home. The trip has flown by...