You may have seen in the national and local press articles related to the increasingly difficult funding situation faced by schools.  This is a national issue and schools across the country are faced with very difficult decisions.

It has been hoped schools such as Marlwood, that a government pledge to introduce a ‘National Fair Funding’ formula would alleviate the difficult financial situation we are facing.  Sadly this has proved to not be the case.

We each expect the best education for our children, quite rightly so, however all schools are faced with decisions around their expenditure as a result of the current funding that will require us to reduce the services we offer.  It is always difficult telling people that there is no longer enough money to provide the services that have been taken for granted for a long time but we have reached crisis point along with most other schools in South Gloucestershire and many across the country.  We will manage these decisions with the full intention of maintaining the quality of learning experience of our young people.

We ask for your support:
1)    Your understanding that the way our schools are run may need to change
2)     With our petition at Click here for the link
3)   By writing to your local MP asking them to voice our concerns in parliament.  If you feel so inclined I have placed a sample letter here and your MP will be either:

Jack Lopresti MP
29 The Courtyard
Bradley Stoke
South Gloucesershire
BS32 4NQ


Luke Hall MP
26 The High Street 
Chipping Sodbury
South Gloucestershire 
BS37 6AH
E-mail: Luke.hall.mp@parliament.uk
We hope that you feel able to support our campaign, and I thank you in advance.