Marlwood School RESPECT Agenda

Last week saw the launch of the Respect agenda to students through assemblies.  

Respect is a fundamental principle of the school ethos and in this context the agenda presents leadership opportunities for our students in order that they have a real say in some of the school's initiatives over the rest of this academic year and beyond.

We are encouraging students to put themselves forward, to seize these opportunities for leadership and thereby have a real stake in the development of the school.

To see the Powerpoint used in the assemblies, please click here

Raising money for charity

We are very proud of all our students who have been working to raise money for charities. We would like to share the success of Evie Fellowes (Year 9) raised £524.52 for ‘HopeForMorgan’ on the non-uniform day of last term, and Harriet Clapp (Year 8) who not only raised £850 for CLIC but also had her long hair cut off for The Little Princesses Trust, who will use the plait to make wigs for children with cancer.

School Council

The School Council has met for the second time during this term. Their role in the new style of meetings is to support the House system in its development through the year. The School Council holds termly meetings, after the House Councils have met, to discuss any improvements and support needed throughout the school. Certain sub-groups work closely with Mr Gallop, the Assistant Headteacher, with regard to the many House competitions planned to take place through the year.

Marlwood Spelling Bee

On the evening of 19th March 2015, Marlwood  School will hold its first ever Spelling Bee.  This promises to be a really exciting event and is being supported by members of the local business community.  Students are currently taking part in tutor competitions in order to find a worthy winner from each group who will then take part in a series of heats during the evening until we have our very first Marlwood Spelling Champion.  As well, there will be ‘Oscar’ style performances of finalists from the Music Department’s ‘Music and Lyrics’ competition, with the finalist announced on the night, and a display of ‘spelling’ related art from an Art Department competition.  
Our Literacy Leaders and Ambassadors will be delighted to welcome parents, friends and family who are all invited to attend this fantastic event which we hope will become an annual celebration of spelling excellence at Marlwood School.


Continuing the theme of students taking on leadership and contributing to their community.

Year 11 Mentoring - A number of Year 12 and Year 13 students have started mentoring Year 11 students to support them with their GCSE  revision and preparation. 

Peer Mentoring - There are also a number of students offering 'Peer Mentoring' in the Sixth Form.  these students are supporting each other to help build confidence in different Sixth Form subject areas. 

Reading Mentors - Developing their own communication and leadership skills, whilst supporting others, 26 students in the Sixth Form are listening to students read.  They help younger students to choose their next reading book, listen to them read it and offer support where necessary.

The Sixth Formers are enjoying leading the planning of these sessions, being a 'critical' friend and pointing out which areas should be a focus for the student they are working with 

Students meet to support each other during tutor time at various times in the week. 

The feedback so far has been very positive.

Year 13 - Next career steps.

Our Year 13 students have been very busy over the course of the last 4 months.  Not only have they been working hard on their qualifications but they have also been securing the next stage of their career progression.  Some will seek out jobs using their qualifications, others will begin apprenticeships and a few will take a 'gap' year.  The majority will apply to University and today we celebrate as the last of the 'UCAS' applications were sent away.

Writing these applications is not easy, making yourself stand out amongst the many students who will be applying for the same university course as you is a real skill.  Our students have been very well supported by their tutor and the Sixth Form leadership team.

Today the year 13 students shared their experiences with year 12 students.  This was fantastic to see as the older students showed leadership and teamwork in supporting the younger students as they make decisions about their future.  A real example of 'working together for excellence'.  The key points that were shared:

  • prepare your personal statement (individual student details) early as it is the most difficult thing to get prepare
  • get ideas for CVs from www.careerpilot, other websites and the 'Apply Booklet' provided by the School
  • visit Universities whilst you have the chance in term 6 at the end of year 12
  • remember that your enrichment work in Year 12  is a large part of your application, so take advantage of all of the opportunities for community and leadership, NOW!
  • remember that you can apply to University, an Apprenticeship or a 'Year in Industry' all at the same time.  So if you are not sure make your applications and then decide later.
Useful advice.