Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Last night saw the opening performance of Joseph!.  Hours of dedicated hard work across the full range of performing arts students and staff were rewarded with a top quality production that zipped along with pace and energy.  The acting, the singing, the costumes, the orchestra/band, the staging, the technical production, the back stage support and the pre-performance/interval refreshments and, yes, the 'Technicolour Dreamcoat' itself were all amazing.

One audience member wrote in an overnight review -

"........I've seen Joseph at the Bristol Hippodrome and I have to honestly say, I enjoyed your show just as much as seeing the professionals perform it!"

Huge thanks and appreciation to all those responsible for a 5 star production.  A stunning example of 'working together for excellence'.

Christmas Concert

For those of us fortunate enough to find room in St Helen's church the Marlwood School Christmas Concert was an absolute treat.  A packed two hour programme was led and delivered by Marlwood students and the level of expertise was clear to all those who enjoyed the music that was produced.  A range of artists performed: soloists, ensembles, bands, choirs and an orchestra.  They delivered an eclectic mix of music and musical styles for the audience to enjoy.  The technical support and the interval refreshments were of an equally high standard leading to an evening of real quality. 

Huge thanks go to all of the performers and the Marlwood school staff for the time, effort and dedication required to produce such a fantastic evening.  I'm sure I was not the only person who left the church filled with pride and festive cheer!

Preparing for exams and tests.

Revision. A word which will all be familiar with.  However research indicates that it is a term that is not well understood and is used in schools to describe a range of different processes that students will undertake to prepare themselves for examinations.

We have created a revision blog for students and parents/carers aimed at supporting all students from year 7 to year 13 but especially our year 11 students.  On here you will find a mix of help and advice, specific revision techniques and subject specific websites. 

Happy revising!

A new blog is born.

A new blog is up and running!  With the express aim of keeping our community up to date with Sixth Form related news welcome to the Sixth Form Blog.

Special Events

As we approach the end of the second term we have two special events to look forward to.  Both events represent a huge amount of hard work and dedication by our students and staff and I'm sure a lot of support from home!

I do hope that you will be able to attend.

The Christmas Concert

Our school production