As you are well aware Year 11 students are working hard in preparation towards their next set of Pre-Public Examinations in March.  As we have been around lessons, students are engaged in their learning and focused on what they need to improve in order to be successful as possible in the summer exams.

I would like to ask you to help motivate the students further by taking part in a venture inspired by British Olympians.  In 2016, parents of British Olympians wrote to their children to give them an extra boost prior to taking part in the 2016 Olympics.  The idea was to inspire, motivate and celebrate the child just before they undertook the most monumental event in their life.  Please could I ask you to write a ‘Pride Letter’ to your child to give them that extra support that we all need at challenging points in our lives? The letters will be given to the students in school in the week before the start of their first GCSE exams. Examples of Olympian Pride Letters can be found at

Please could I have your ‘Pride Letter’ in a clearly marked envelope addressed to your child to be handed into reception, or via email to FAO Mr Emery (with your child’s name in the subject line), by Friday 27th April.

The PPE2 March timetable as well as a copy of the Y11 parents support evening presentation can be found on the exams section of the schools website. The provisional GCSE timetable can also be found here.