We have been fortunate in the recent batch of bad weather that we did not need to close the school.

You will know that many school nationally did decide to close and I thought it might be useful to explain the factors schools consider when making what can be a very difficult decision.

  • Can staff safely travel to the school site?  Many staff travel a significant distance to get to work.  If they are unable to travel safely then they often have to make the difficult decision themselves not to travel to work.  This reduces the ability of the school to supervise students safely.
  • Staff child care arrangements:  Many staff have young children of their own and may be in a position where their child care provider or children’s primary school is closed
  • Site Safety:  This can be the most challenging factor.  Can the school site be made safe for students and staff?  Slippery pathways are a real challenge.  Students will also want to take advantage of snowy conditions and have snowball fights, whilst the grit previously laid can result in injury.
  • Student transport to and from school:  Many of our students catch buses and public transport.  These companies themselves have to make decisions on whether they can operate a full service.  Parents will also have to decide if it is safe to transport their children to school – this can be especially difficult when police advise only to make essential journeys.
  • Students walking in can also be dangerous. 

Please be assured that in deciding to close the school, all of these factors will have been considered.  We are aware of the difficulty this can create for parents of younger children who may need to miss work themselves.

If at all possible we will give the earliest indication as to whether we will close or if possible open later to facilitate travel.  Please look out for messages on the school website, on twitter, the South Gloucestershire school status list ( and a text will be sent home.

I sincerely hope this will be our only period of difficult conditions this year