Key Stage 3 students all participate in the Accelerated Reader scheme to help improve their reading ages.  Each student reads a book and takes a quiz on it.   Students should aim to achieve 85% or higher in each quiz.  At last night’s Christmas Fayre a draw was held for the Year 7 students.  For each book a student achieved 100%, their name was written on a star.  The pot was full to the top, with many students achieving multiple stars.  The lucky winners of the selection boxes given out were:-  Josh Field, Michael Cash, Maddie Lewis, Ashley Land, Arian Askari, Charlie Atkinson, Ellie Kemp, April Witchard, Laura Evans, Ella Bush, Cobey Pope, Tyler Hoskins, Finley Nelmes. 

Very well done to all of you!!

We now start collecting stars for the Easter draw.  Students in Year 7 have collectively read an impressive 38 million words between them since the beginning of September.