Ready to Learn Update

As we approach the end of term I thought it appropriate to share some feedback about this development at the school.

We have hosted visits from staff who have similar systems at their schools, carried out student voice work with different groups of students at Marlwood and convened meetings of a staff steering group who have launched and monitored this system.

The main outcomes of the Ready to Learn review are:
·         Numbers referred to the room have steadily declined to single figures on most days
·         Low level disruption is no longer a feature of any lessons observed
·         Staff are consistently implementing Ready to Learn protocols
·         The rules regarding warnings will be slightly adjusted and clarified at the start of Term 1
·         Students welcome the positive impact of Ready to Learn on their progress in the classroom
·         Students referred to the room recognise that the class they have left is better able to work and make progress because they have been taken out.

Additional provision from September:

The Ready to Learn room should have six computers installed and networked plus the facility to offer private coaching to those who are having issues relating to settling to learning in the room.

We remain committed to the work of Ready to Learn and thank staff, students and parents for their support since its introduction.