Year 7s celebrated the end of a terrific year for Accelerated Reader on Wednesday.  They have been working together to read as many words as they can, with each 5 million words earning them a class prize.  There has obviously been some extra effort towards the end of this school year as 7A were presented with their prize for reaching 10 million words and 7C received their prize (equalling the school record) for 20 million words read since September.

It was a pleasure to present Caleb Jefferis with a certificate marking his phenomenal achievement of reading 7,096,605 words since September (98 books) and therefore taking the title for another school record.  He was presented with a bronze Word Millionaire badge for this achievement.  Four new millionaires were presented with their badges, namely Jimi Bennett, Abigail Bridgewater, Maisie Harrison and Samuel Kitson.  Samuel received a bronze badge for becoming a Word Millionaire in two consecutive years.

Megan Handover, Jamie Reid and Samantha Drake each received certificates for making in excess of 3 years progress in their reading age over this school year. 
Samuel Kitson, Annabelle Leicester and Abigail Bridgewater (all 12 years old) each received certificates for attaining the highest reading age measured on the scheme, namely 16 years and 6 months.  This brings the total number of students in KS3 reading at 16 years and 6 months to 30 - another school record this year.

Throughout the school certificates were also handed out to students in years 8 and 9.  In all 25 students achieved Millionaire status this year, 12 of them coming from Year 7.  A staggering 3,826 books have been quizzed in school since September, amounting to 138,790,843 words!